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Bible Quiz 20150701
Topic: Acts

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps. These Bible Quizzes are provided as a learning opportunities.

1. Who wrote the Book of Acts?

(a) Matthew

(b) Mark

(c) Luke

(d) John

2. What Holy Day was being observed when "they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance"?

(a) Passover

(b) Pentecost

(c) The Day of Atonement

(d) The Feast of Tabernacles

3. What was the name of the deacon who was stoned to death for His preaching the true Gospel?

(a) Stephen

(b) Jason

(c) Andrew

(d) Saul

4. What was the name of the Pharisee who the LORD struck down on the road to Damascus? (Hint: the Pharisee thereafter became known as the apostle Paul)

(a) Saul

(b) Nicodemus

(c) Caiaphas

(d) Ananias

5. What was the name of the man from Cyprus who worked with the apostle Paul at the beginning of Paul's ministry?

(a) Barnabas

(b) John

(c) Peter

(d) Diotrophes

6. Paul visited the city of Ephesus during his missionary journeys. In what present-day country is Ephesus?

(a) Israel

(b) Greece

(c) Italy

(d) Turkey

7. Paul visited the city of Corinth during his missionary journeys. In what present-day country is Corinth?

(a) Israel

(b) Greece

(c) Italy

(d) Turkey

8. What were the names of the Roman governors who sat in judgment of the apostle Paul?

(a) Felix and Festus

(b) Nero and Pontius

(c) Cornelius and Tiberius

(d) Jason and Julius

9. Where was Paul being taken as a prisoner when he was shipwrecked?

(a) Jerusalem

(b) Egypt

(c) Babylon

(d) Rome

10. What is the name of the island on which Paul was shipwrecked?

(a) Malta

(b) Cyprus

(c) Patmos

(d) Lesbos

Answers to this Bible Quiz

Straight Street In Damascus
1. (c) Luke (Acts 1:1, Luke 1:1-4)

Related Bible Study: Acts: Luke's Second Letter To Theophilus

2. (b) Pentecost (Acts 2:1)

Related Bible Study: Pentecost: Power From On High and The Passover To Pentecost Connection

3. (a) Stephen (Acts 7:1-60)

Related Bible Study: The Stoning Of Stephen

4. (a) Saul (Acts 9:1-31)

Related Bible Study: The Meeting Of Paul And Barnabas

5. (a) Barnabas (Acts 13:2-3)

Related Bible Study: The Ministry Of Paul And Barnabas

6. (d) Turkey (Acts 19:1)

Related Bible Study: The Letters To Ephesus and Where Are The Seven Churches Of Revelation Today?

7. (b) Greece (Acts 18:1)

Related Bible Study: 1 Corinthians: That Rock Was Christ and 2 Corinthians: The Devil's Fight Along The Way

8. (a) Felix and Festus (Acts 24:3, 25:1)

Related Bible Study: In The Court Of The Happy Pig

9. (d) Rome

Related Bible Study: The Gospel To Rome and The Church Of God At Rome

10. (a) Malta (Acts 28:1)

Related Bible Study: Paul's Bay

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