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Bible Quiz 20150815
Topic: Women In The New Testament

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps. These Bible Quizzes are provided as a learning opportunities.

1. She was a prophetess at the Temple in Jerusalem who recognized the newborn Messiah.

(a) Anna

(b) Saphira

(c) Judith

(d) Joan

2. She witnessed the Crucifixion while standing at the foot of the Cross. She was the first human witness of the Messiah's resurrection.

(a) Mary of Magdala

(b) Lydia

(c) Salome

(d) Herodias

3. She was the mother of John the Baptist.

(a) Elizabeth

(b) Mary

(c) Phebe

(d) Lois

4. The Messiah was close friends with these two sisters; He frequently visited their home in Bethany. The Messiah's ascension to heaven was near their house at Bethany.

(a) Martha and Mary

(b) Eunice and Lois

(c) June and Janet

(d) Dinah and Miriam

5. She was one of the true Christians in Rome who stood with the apostle Paul when he was imprisoned there.

(a) Claudia

(b) Cleopatra

(c) Nefertari

(d) Esther

6. They were the mother and grandmother of Timothy. They brought the future evangelist and apostle up as a Christian.

(a) Eunice and Lois

(b) Herodias and Salome

(c) Ruth and Joanna

(d) Hannah and Augusta

7. She was a Christian-convert and friend of the apostle Paul from Thyatira, Turkey (Paul was born in Tarsus, Turkey). She operated a business that dealt in purple dye, a valuable commodity of the time.

(a) Lydia

(b) Ruth

(c) Drusilla

(d) Tabitha

8. She was a faithful Christian who was raised from the dead, by the Holy Spirit, through the apostle Peter.

(a) Tabitha

(b) Heather

(c) Julia

(d) Christine

9. She was the mother of the apostle John and the sister of Mary the mother of the Messiah. She witnessed the Crucifixion with Mary and Mary of Magdala at the foot of the Cross.

(a) Salome

(b) Enid

(c) Marsha

(d) Nancy

10. She and her husband Aquila became close teaching associates of the apostle Paul.

(a) Priscilla

(b) Cornelia

(c) Antonia

(d) Octavia

Answers to this Bible Quiz

1. (a) Anna (Luke 2:36-38)

Related Bible Study: Simeon and Anna and The Messiah's Levitical Birth

2. (a) Mary of Magdala (John 20:10-18)

Related Bible Study: Miriam of Magdala and Nisan 14: The Day That The Messiah Was Crucified

3. (a) Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-56)

Related Bible Study: The Mothers Of The Two Greatest Prophets and Jesus And John: Similarities And Differences

4. (a) Martha and Mary

Related Bible Study: The House of Martha and Mary and Who Else Did They Want To Kill At Passover?

5. (a) Claudia (2 Timothy 4:21)

Related Bible Study: The Church Of God At Rome

6. (a) Eunice and Lois (2 Timothy 1:5)

Related Bible Study: 1 Timothy: Godliness With Contentment and 2 Timothy: In The Last Days Perilous Times Shall Come

7. (a) Lydia (Acts 16:14)

Related Bible Study: The Needlework of Blue, Purple and Scarlet Linen and Linen In History And Prophecy

8. (a) Tabitha (Acts 9:36-40)

Related Bible Study: Tabitha and Peter's Lesson In Joppa

9. (a) Salome (see John 19:25, Mark 15:40-41, Matthew 4:21, Matthew 27:56 and the study below)

Related Bible Study: The Kinsfolk Of Jesus Of Nazareth

10. (a) Priscilla (Acts 18:2, Romans 16:3)

Related Bible Study: Priscilla and Aquila and Apollos

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