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Bible Quiz 20150817
Topic: Name The Place

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps. These Bible Quizzes are provided as a learning opportunities.

1. The apostle Paul sailed across this sea that is located between Turkey and Greece.

(a) The Aegean Sea

(b) The Arabian Sea

(c) The Red Sea

(d) The Caspian Sea

2. Lot escaped the destruction of this city with two of his daughters.

(a) Hebron

(b) Sodom

(c) Nineveh

(d) Tyre

3. The Messiah ascended to heaven near this town.

(a) Bethlehem

(b) Nazareth

(c) Bethany

(d) Capernaum

4. The Israelites lived in this area of the Nile Delta for four hundred years.

(a) Moab

(b) Midian

(c) Sinai

(d) Goshen

5. The Messiah lived in that city after His Ministry began.

(a) Nazareth

(b) Capernaum

(c) Bethany

(d) Magdala

6. The apostle John wrote the Book of Revelation while being held as a prisoner at a Roman military concentration camp at a bay on this island.

(a) Cyprus

(b) Crete

(c) Sicily

(d) Patmos

7. Barnabas, the friend and apostolic associate of Paul, was from this island.

(a) Patmos

(b) Lesbos

(c) Cyprus

(d) Crete

8. Reuben, Gad and half of Manasseh received their Israelite tribal homelands there.

(a) West of the Jordan River

(b) East of the Jordan River

(c) In the Negev Desert

(d) In Lebanon and western Syria

9. This area is located between Galilee to the north and Judea to the south.

(a) Transjordan

(b) The Negev

(c) Samaria

(d) Gaza

10. The Messiah will stand at this place on the day of His return.

(a) Rome

(b) Washington

(c) Berlin

(d) The Mount of Olives at Jerusalem

Answers to this Bible Quiz

1. (a) The Aegean Sea

Related Bible Study: The Aegean Connection; see also Paul's First Missionary Journey, Paul's Second Missionary Journey and Paul's Third Missionary Journey

2. (b) Sodom

Related Bible Study: Fire And Brimstone Upon Sodom And Gomorrah and The Lesson Of Lot's Sons And Daughters In Sodom

3. (c) Bethany

Related Bible Study: The Ascent From Bethany and The House of Martha and Mary

4. (d) Goshen

Related Bible Study: Jacob's Israel In The Land Of Goshen and The Egypt Connection

5. (b) Capernaum

Related Bible Study: Why Bethlehem, Egypt, Nazareth And Capernaum? and The Cities Of Lake Galilee

6. (d) Patmos

Related Bible Study: The Epistle From Patmos and Where Are The Seven Churches Of Revelation Today?

7. (c) Cyprus

Related Bible Study: The Meeting Of Paul And Barnabas and The Ministry Of Paul And Barnabas

8. (b) East of the Jordan River

Related Bible Study: Reuben, Gad And Half Of Manasseh and Why East And West Manasseh?

9. (c) Samaria

Related Bible Study: The Capitals Of Israel and The Origin Of The Samaritans

10. (d) The Mount of Olives at Jerusalem

Related Bible Study: He Shall Stand Upon The Mount Of Olives and When Zion Awakes

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