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Bible Quiz 20150826
Topic: Cities Of The South

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps. These Bible Quizzes are provided as a learning opportunities.

The land of Israel west of the Jordan River was designated by three areas - Galilee in the north, Samaria in the central area, and Judea in the south.

1. This city was regarded as the southernmost border point of the land of Israel, as stated in "From Dan to ___________."

(a) Beersheba

(b) Nazareth

(c) Capernaum

(d) Tyre

2. It was the home town of King David. The Messiah was born there.

(a) Jerusalem

(b) Bethlehem

(c) Gaza

(d) Lachish

3. It was King David's capital city during the civil war. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are buried in the family tomb there.

(a) Ashdod

(b) Ekron

(c) Hebron

(d) Raphia

4. The LORD incinerated this city because its people had made themselves defiantly-unrepentant ("pride") perverts - as an example of what is surely coming to all like them ("2:6 And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly"; 2 Peter 2:6 KJV).

(a) Tyre

(b) Rome

(c) Babylon

(d) Sodom

5. The giant Philistine warrior Goliath was from this city.

(a) Ammon

(b) Gath

(c) Moab

(d) Bashan

6. This city is located on the west shore of the Dead Sea / Salt Sea.

(a) Capernaum

(b) Magdala

(c) Engedi

(d) Bethsaida

7. The prophet Amos (the English surname Ames originated from the Biblical Hebrew name pronounced Amos) was a shepherd from this city.

(a) Nineveh

(b) Athens

(c) Tekoa

(d) Corinth

8. The walls of the city were made to miraculously fall in the time of Joshua.

(a) Jezreel

(b) Megiddo

(c) Sidon

(d) Jericho

9. Jonah sailed from this Mediterranean seaport on his fateful voyage.

(a) Joppa

(b) Salamis

(c) Paphos

(d) Patmos

10. This city first became an Israelite city when King David captured it after the civil war.

(a) Jerusalem

(b) Samaria

(c) Hebron

(d) Bethlehem

Answers to this Bible Quiz

1. (a) Beersheba

Related Bible Study: The Wells Of Beersheba and The Negev Of Israel

2. (b) Bethlehem

Related Bible Study: Bethlehem In History And Prophecy and Does Rome Have Christ's Birth Certificate?

3. (c) Hebron

Related Bible Study: King David Of Judah and Jacob's Mummy; also How Long Was Jerusalem The Capital Of Israel?

4. (d) Sodom

Related Bible Study: Fire And Brimstone Upon Sodom And Gomorrah and The Lesson Of Lot's Sons And Daughters In Sodom; also Iniquity In History And Prophecy and What Would Noah Say About The World Today?

5. (b) Gath

Related Bible Study: The Battle Of David And Goliath and How Does The Armour Of God Protect You?

6. (c) Engedi

Related Bible Study: Engedi In History And Prophecy and The Salt Sea In History And Prophecy

7. (c) Tekoa

Related Bible Study: Amos: A Shepherd Of Tekoa and Israel In History and Prophecy: Israel and Judah

8. (d) Jericho

Related Bible Study: The Fall Of Jericho and Rahab Of Jericho

9. (a) Joppa

Related Bible Study: Jonah: Three Days And Three Nights and The Joppa Lessons Of Jonah And Peter

10. (a) Jerusalem

Related Bible Study: Why Didn't David And Saul Fight For Jerusalem? and the complete 20 study series for the history of Jerusalem, beginning with A History Of Jerusalem: In The Beginning

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