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Bible Quiz 20150901
Topic: Birds

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps. These Bible Quizzes are provided as a learning opportunities.

1. What kind of birds did the LORD provide to the Israelites along with manna?

(a) Chickens

(b) Doves

(c) Quail

(d) Penguins

2. What was one of the kinds of birds that were welcomed to nest in the Temple?

(a) Vultures

(b) Eagles

(c) Ravens

(d) Sparrows

3. What kind of birds made a mournful howl in the wilderness?

(a) Owls

(b) Falcons

(c) Peacocks

(d) Roosters

4. What kind of birds brought food to Elijah in the wilderness?

(a) Sparrows

(b) Blue Jays

(c) Robins

(d) Ravens

5. What kind of bird was used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit?

(a) Heron

(b) Turkey

(c) Swan

(d) Dove

6. Which of these is unclean for food?

(a) Chicken

(b) Turkey

(c) Dove

(d) Stork

7. What kind of birds did King Solomon import from Tarshish?

(a) Pelicans

(b) Peacocks

(c) Ostriches

(d) Cuckoos

8. Noah sent out a dove and a raven as the Flood waters were receding. Which did he sent out second?

(a) The dove

(b) The raven

9. What of birds are referred to as "the screamer" in the Bible?

(a) Hawks and eagles

(b) Doves and pigeons

(c) Chickens and ducks

(d) Cranes and Herons

10. What kind of bird was heard near dawn during the night before the Messiah was crucified?

(a) Owl

(b) Dove

(c) Hawk

(d) Rooster

Answers to this Bible Quiz

Asian Sparrows
1. (c) Quail

Related Bible Study: Manna and Quail

2. (d) Sparrows

Related Bible Study: What Were Sparrows Doing In The Temple?

3. (a) Owls

Related Bible Study: Howls Of The Wilderness

4. (d) Ravens

Related Bible Study: Ravens In History And Prophecy

5. (d) Dove

Related Bible Study: The Dove In The Distant Place Psalm

6. (d) Stork

Related Bible Study: The Stork and What Makes Creatures Clean or Unclean?

7. (b) Peacocks (1 Kings 10:22)

Related Bible Study: King Hiram of Tyre and Solomon's Regime

8. (a) The dove

Related Bible Study: The Flood and Noah's Altar

9. (a) Hawks and eagles

Related Bible Study: The Screamer

10. (d) Rooster

Related Bible Study: Nisan 14: How Did The Messiah Observe His Last Passover? and Why Was Peter Crucified?

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