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Bible Quiz 20151009
Topic: Written By Matthew

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps. These Bible Quizzes are provided as a learning opportunities.

1. Matthew recorded the genealogy of the Messiah, beginning with a man who the LORD called to leave his home country of Iraq and move to the land of Canaan. Who was the man?

Hint: He became the father of Isaac

2. Due to their long journey, these men arrived months after the birth of the Messiah. They worshipped Him in a house in Bethlehem, up to two years after His birth. Who were they?

Hint: They brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh - 3 kinds of gifts, while the actual number of men is not stated

3. What kind of durable leather clothing was worn by John the Baptist when he lived out in the area of the Jordan River?

Hint: The animals were used for riding and carrying loads. They are known for the "hump" on their back.

4. The first four men called to be of the twelve apostles had the same profession. What was it?

Hint: They worked on the Sea of Galilee.

5. Matthew was also called to be one of the twelve apostles. What was his profession?

Hint: He worked for the Romans. His job involved accounting.

6. Two men were seen in the "transfiguration" (a vision of the future Kingdom of God on Earth) with the Messiah. Who were they?

Hint: One represented the Law of the LORD, while the other represented the prophets of the LORD.

7. Where was the Messiah when He gave the many detailed prophecies about His return, as recorded in Matthew chapter 24?

Hint: It's a mountain near Jerusalem.

8. What Holy Day was being observed when the Messiah was Crucified?

Hint: "The Lamb of God"

9. Who was the convicted murderer that was released in place of the totally-innocent Messiah?

Hint: His name sounds similar to Barnabas (the righteous man of God who worked with the apostle Paul)

10. Who was the repentant Pharisee who, along with Joseph of Arimathaea, removed the Messiah's body from the Cross and placed it in the Tomb?

Hint: His name starts with an "N." He was the recipient of the Messiah's famous "John 3:16" teaching.

Answers to this Bible Quiz

1. Abraham (Matthew 1:1-17)

Related Bible Study: A Biography Of Abraham: The Genealogy Of Abram and A Biography Of Abraham: From Ur To Canaan

2. The Magi, or "Wise Men"

Related Bible Study: Why Did The Magi Come? and Israel In History and Prophecy: Herod

3. Camel (Matthew 3:4)

Related Bible Study: The John The Baptist Prophecies and What Did John The Baptist's Father Do At The Temple?

4. Fishermen (Matthew 4:18-22)

Related Bible Study: John: Fishers Of Men and The Cities Of Lake Galilee

5. Tax collector (Matthew 9:9)

Related Bible Study: Matthew: The Gospel By The Accountant

6. Moses and Elijah (Matthew 17:1-13)

Related Bible Study: The Moses And Elijah Vision

7. The Mount of Olives (Matthew 24:3)

Related Bible Study: Zechariah: He Shall Stand Upon The Mount Of Olives

8. Passover (Matthew 26:18)

Related Bible Study: Nisan 14: How Did The Messiah Observe His Last Passover? and Nisan 14: The Day That The Messiah Was Crucified; also Nisan 15: The First Day In The Tomb On The Passover High Day

9. Barabbas (Matthew 27:15-26)

Related Bible Study: Why Did They Want A Murderer Released Instead Of Jesus?

10. Nicodemus

Related Bible Study: Joseph and Nicodemus: Making A Stand and What Was The Lesson Of John 3:16?

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