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Bible Quiz 20151015
Topic: Which Book Comes Before It?

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps. These Bible Quizzes are provided as a learning opportunities.

1. Which Book comes before Romans?

Hint: It has the conversion of the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus.

2. Which Book comes before Hosea?

Hint: He was a prophet who was taken to Babylon where he rose to a high position in the government of King Nebuchadnezzar.

3. Which Book comes before Mark?

Hint: He was a Roman tax collector who was chosen by the LORD to be one of the twelve apostles.

4. Which Book comes before Revelation?

Hint: It's an abbreviated form of the name Judah.

5. Which Book comes before Leviticus?

Hint: The Book records the Israelites leaving Egypt at the first Passover.

6. Which Book comes before 1 Corinthians?

Hint: It was named after the people of the capital city of the Roman Empire.

7. Which Book comes before Proverbs?

Hint: It has "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures"

8. Which Book comes before 1 Peter?

Hint: The name is an English version of Jacob. A famous Bible of 1611 was named after an English King by that name.

9. Which Book comes before Nehemiah?

Hint: He was a Levite who worked with Nehemiah. His name starts with the letter E.

10. Which Book comes before Philippians?

Hint: It was addressed to the Christians in a city in Turkey that was visited by the apostle Paul, who later wrote that Book (epistle) to them. The city is one of the "seven churches of Asia" in the Book of Revelation. The name starts with the letter E.

Answers to this Bible Quiz

1. Acts

Related Bible Study: Acts: Luke's Second Letter To Theophilus

2. Daniel

Related Bible Study: The Prophet Daniel: A Child Of The Exile and The Prophet Daniel: Nebuchadnezzar's Image

3. Matthew

Related Bible Study: Matthew: The Gospel By The Accountant

4. Jude

Related Bible Study: Jude: Ungodly Men Who Turn Grace Into Lawlessness

5. Exodus

Related Bible Study: Exodus: The Way Home

6. Romans

Related Bible Study: Romans: In The Heart Of The Beast

7. Psalms

Related Bible Study: Psalms: The LORD Is My Shepherd

8. James

Related Bible Study: James: To The Twelve Tribes Which Are Scattered Abroad

9. Ezra

Related Bible Study: Ezra: The Return Of The Levites To Jerusalem

10. Ephesians

Related Bible Study: Ephesians: Put On The Whole Armour Of God

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