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"The State of The World" Number 16
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The Terrorist Attack That Enabled Hitler To Become A Dictator

Many people are shocked when they learn that Adolf Hitler, one of the most heinous war criminals of all time, was democratically elected. He rose to power with his promise to make Germany great again after its humiliating defeat in the First World War (1914-1918) that had ended 15 years previously. Hitler won the 1933 election with over 17 million votes.


Throughout his election campaigning, Hitler made no secret of what he wanted to do with specific minority groups within Germany that he blamed for Germany's troubles. Although many of those people were born in Germany, Hitler labeled them as foreigners (ironically, Hitler himself was foreign born, in Austria, and only became a German citizen a year before he was elected as the "Leader") who were polluting the pure "Aryan Herrenvolk" ("Aryan master race") and its Fatherland.

The question was how he was going to accomplish what, for most of his supporters, would be too extreme - to remove as many as he could from Germany, while, for those that remained, to incarcerate them, without charge or trial, in military-run concentration camps. That would be just the beginning of the "solution."

Hitler's problem was solved with a supposed terrorist attack upon the German Parliament Building. That fire did two things - it gave Hitler the excuse, and the public backing, to do what he had already decided that he was going to do no matter what, while destroying the democratic institution that could have stopped him - the elected legislative assembly.

That "terrorist attack" (many historians are convinced that Hitler himself had caused it, while using a naive foreign patsy to take the blame - Marinus van der Lubbe) enabled Hitler to become a dictator - with the people's support.

Reichtag Fire

The people were scared and angry. That shocking fire upon a great national institution, along with Hitler's skillful manipulation of their already-extreme xenophobic thinking, made them want a "strong man" who would deal with it all by whatever means he chose.

They didn't realize their mistakes - to elect such a smooth-talking, pleasing psychopath to begin with, and then to willingly give him dictatorial powers over them, until it was too late - for them (the Gestapo, the State Police over the German people themselves, were created after that "terrorist attack") and for the rest of the world.

Adolf Hitler, the "people's choice," became responsible for the deaths and injuries of millions of people - and the self-destruction of the country of which he claimed to be its savior.

Wayne Blank