Do you want to be a part of this exciting journey of providing individuals with access to God’s Word? If you have a strong interest in Christianity, you may join our expanding team at this critical moment!

We are committed to having a workplace that encourages and supports diversity at Key Way Canada. Here, we seek to establish an atmosphere where our staff may develop in their job for the glory of God, with God’s aid and guided by biblical teachings and our founding principles.

Moreover, we are a non-profit organization that collaborates with folks, churches, and religious groups in Canada and overseas that share the belief that God’s Word affects hearts and lives. Thus, our mission is to grow Christianity by focusing on interpretation, administration, as well as various research tools and resources.

So, we consider it an honor for us to serve in Jesus’ name in this world. So, we will be delighted to hear your passion for preaching and whether there could be a chance to serve together at Key Way Canada whenever we have an available position.