Thank you for joining us in prayer! We have always believed that a good person’s prayer can have a significant impact on this world.

Because of this, we invite individuals, prayer groups, and institutions to rise and pray for our country as a collective.

So, please pray for the safety of all Key Way Canada employees and their families across the globe as they remain to work hard to make God’s Word available to people in need of peace and joy during these challenging times.

Moreover, we also pray for ongoing strength and motivation to do our best. At the same time, we also seek out ways on how to stay connected while being physically separated.

In addition, please also pray for the global initiatives supported by Key Way Canada and for God to continue to open opportunities for us to preach the Word of God across the world.

Lastly, please pray for every person who got free Holy Book resources from Key Way Canada that they may find hope and healing from God during this time of fear, stress, and uncertainties.