We’ve all heard about the continued increase in juvenile crime, drug usage, gangs, killings, academic problems and dropouts, despair, suicide, and unemployment. However, what is less widely recognized is that fatherless families are the primary source of such issues.

Through death, desertion, divorce, and even emotional estrangement, the country has risen to the top of the list of fatherless families. In fact, according to studies, 70% of all adolescent criminals originate from families without dads. However, this disease and its consequences are not always well addressed in classrooms.

So, if we want to be like Christ, we should be concerned about the fatherless in the same way that God is concerned about them. After all, God is their parent and helper, so he hears their cries and destroys the oppressors.

In this case, God advises us not to deceive, torment, or harm them. To demonstrate the authenticity of our religion, we are urged in the New Testament to visit the fatherless and widowed.

Moreover, we must be gentle and compassionate, not judgemental, and constantly willing to enlighten and assist them, especially in spiritual things.

Therefore, helpers, such as teachers and consultants, must understand how to establish and sustain connections with fatherless children and their families. For example, identifying fatherless children in your school, community, or church is one thing you can do.

Moreover, remember that fatherless children require consistency in their connections, so plan on engaging with them for a significant period. In addition, helpers should also be as positive as possible, encouraging with praise and well-chosen words.

So, keep an eye out for and be sympathetic to these children’s psychological needs. Fatherless children, especially teenagers, sometimes appear tough and chapped, yet they are deeply insecure and feel abandoned. They seek acceptance, a loving heart, and solutions to life’s significant issues.

Lastly, helpers can also make them join social activities. So, motivate them to join a team or a club or join you on community service projects.

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