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The Yarmuk River

The Yarmuk River is a major tributary of the Jordan River (see The Jordan Valley). Their junction is located on the east side of the Jordan, about 4 miles / 6 kilometers south of The Sea Of Galilee. Although not mentioned specifically by name in The Bible, in Bible History the Yarmuk River was located within the assigned territory of the eastern half of the tribe of Manasseh (see Tribal Lands and Bible Places). Today, it serves as part of the border between Syria, to the north, and the Kingdom of Jordan, to the south. The last 14 miles / 22 kilometers of the Yarmuk came under Israeli control during the Six-Day War in June 1967.

Map of the Yarmuk River

The Yarmuk River is only about 20 miles / 32 kilometers in a direct line from beginning to end, but because of its very winding course, the river itself measures nearly 50 miles / 80 kilometers over its steep descent - 180 feet / 55 meters above sea level at the start to 830 feet / 250 meters below sea level at the Jordan.

Fact Finder: When the Israelites crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land, did God stop the flow of the Jordan, which was then at flood stage, just long enough for them to cross?
Joshua 3:15-17

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