Many young new attorneys were frequently asked by elderly individuals in the church how they planned to function in that profession while being devout Christian. Their responses were generally straightforward: “I could certainly serve God in any career.” They indeed never gave the matter much attention.

After all, there appears to be something unique about becoming an attorney that occupies not only one’s energy but also one’s identity. Lawyers, especially mighty ones, put in long hours.

The preceding statement is essentially universal, regardless of whether you work in a private office, non-profit, or government organization.

The more hours you work, the more money you make, the more you achieve for your cause, and the faster you advance up the ladder; all of these have the potential to devour your entire existence.

In fact, you tend to be so preoccupied with working, earning, supporting, completing, and being noticed that you don’t realize you’ve begun to push the center of your world away from the true Center of the World.

So, when you reach that stage, you are not only failing to serve God his due, but you have also become subject to the whims of people around you and the unpredictability of life.

After all, there’s no need to seek social prestige or acceptance from others. So, understanding that God truly, genuinely loves you and has complete authority in your life reduces the burden of worrying that every law school test, courtroom presentation, job offer, or colleague’s opinion may change the path of your life or characterize you.

Finally, as Christians, our importance and future are based on the eternal God. The Gospel can change a profession full of overworked, stressed, and sometimes self-serving lawyers into one full of confident individuals who do righteousness, love compassion, and act humbly before God.

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