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Cubits, Shekels, Ephahs, Hins

This table of weights and measures is an approximation based upon the best available information from ancient sources.

Bible American
cubit 18 inches 0.5 meter
span 9 inches 23 centimeters
handbreadth 3 inches 8 centimeters
talent (60 minas) 75 pounds 34 kilograms
mina (50 shekels) 1 1/4 pounds 0.6 kilogram
shekel (2 bekas) 2/5 ounce 11.5 grams
pim (2/3 shekel) 1/3 ounce 7.6 grams
beka (10 gerahs) 1/5 ounce 5.5 grams
gerah 1/50 ounce 0.6 gram
Dry Capacity
cor (homer) (10 ephahs) 6 bushels 220 liters
lethek (5 ephahs) 3 bushels 110 liters
ephah (10 omers) 3/5 bushel 22 liters
seah (1/3 ephah) 7 quarts 7.3 liters
omer (1/10 ephah) 2 quarts 2 liters
cab (1/18 ephah) 1 quart 1 liter
Liquid Capacity
bath (1 ephah) 6 gallons 22 liters
hin (1/6 bath) 4 quarts 4 liters
log (1/72 bath) 1/3 quart 0.3 liter

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