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Jesus Christ

A Biography Of Jesus Christ: The Kingdom Of God
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: The 1000 Years
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: The Return Of The Messiah
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: At The Right Hand Of God
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: The Ascension To Heaven
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: The Resurrection
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: Three Days And Three Nights
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: Why Was The Messiah Crucified, Not Stoned?
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: Setting The Stage Of Jerusalem
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: Capernaum On The Lake Shore
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: Life In Nazareth
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: The Years In Cleopatra's Egypt
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: How Long In Bethlehem?
A Biography Of Jesus Christ: The LORD God Of Creation
A Foundation Upon The Rock
A Journey To A "Far Country"
A Man With A Mission
Abba, Payter
Abraham's Faith In The Resurrection
Aliyya and Haftara
An Ensign Of The People
An Impartial Wtiness Of The Messiah
Anti-Zion Is Anti-Christ
Appearances Of The Christ
Appearances Of The LORD God
Approaching His Day Of Destiny
Are You A Believer In The Resurrection?
Are You Worthy?
Barabbas and The Two Thieves
'Before Abraham Was, I AM'
Before The Battle Line
Behold, It Is Me
Beside Himself
The Birth Of The Bride
Blood Money
Born Again - When?
Born In The Tabernacles Season
Christ In Heaven
Christ In The Holy Place
Christ In The Marketplace
Christ In The Old Testament
Christ In The Psalms
Christ The Bread of Life
Christ The Builder
Christ The Conqueror For Peace
Christ The Creator
Christ The High Priest
Christ The Mediator
Christ's Crossing Of The Sea
Christ's Example of Obedience To The Father
Christ's Feast of Unleavened Bread
Christ's Gift
Christ's Hanukkah
Christ's Healing On The Sabbath
Christ's Mercy Seat
Christ's Mitre
Christ's Mountain Of The Law
Christ's New World Order
Christ's Passover
Christ's Purpose
Christ's Revelation Of The Father
Christ's Superscription
Christ's Teachings Of The Heart
Christ's Testament
Christ's Words In The Psalms
Christian Pentecost
Colossians: By Him Were All Things Created
Comings Of The Christ
Could Jesus Have Sinned?
Counting On The Resurrection
Crossing The Kidron
Day of Atonement: The Messiah's Deliverance
Did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Know 'The LORD'?
Did Jesus Break The Law?
Did Jesus Own A Home?
Did Jesus Say That?
Did The Rulers Know?
Do You Follow Christ?
Do You Observe Christ's Sabbath Or Babylon's Sun Day?
Does Rome Have Christ's Birth Certificate?
During The Reign of Tiberius Caesar
Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani?
Eternal Bread
Faithful and True
Feast Of Tabernacles: Joy To The World
Feast Of Trumpets: The Return Of Christ
For Christ's Sake
Foreshadow of The Sacrifice
Forgive and Forget
Forty Days And Forty Nights
From Lamb To Lion
From The Foundation Of The World
From Nazareth To Capernaum
Gathering To Shiloh
Go Ahead, Jump!
God Alone
God Is The Lord
God The Conservative, Satan The Liberal
Growing In Grace
Guarding The Secret Of The Tomb
Has Anyone Seen Our Son?
'He is not here: for He is risen'
He That Sat On The Cloud
He Was A Conservative, Not A Radical
Heal The Sick, Cleanse The Lepers
High Priest to King of The World
'His Blood Be On Us And Our Children'
Hosanna To The Son Of David
How Did Jesus Christ Die?
How Did Jesus Keep The Sabbath?
How Did The Messiah's Levite Priesthood Change?
How Did The Messiah's Ministry Begin?
How Long Was John's Ministry?
How Were Thine Eyes Opened?
How Will Jesus Christ Fulfill The Feast Of Tabernacles?
'I am He that liveth, and was dead'
'I am not yet ascended'
I Tell You The Truth Today
In the beginning was the Word
In The Fifteenth Year Of Tiberius Caesar
In The Footsteps Of Christ
In The House Of A Pharisee
Innocent Blood
Is Jesus Christ A "Sissy"?
Isaiah: Visions Of The Messiah
'Jehovah' and Abraham
Jesse of Bethlehem
Jesus and John The Baptists
Jesus Christ In The Hebrew Scriptures
Jesus Christ, Man Of Prayer
Jesus Christ's Bible
Jesus' Home By The Sea
Jesus, Man Of Prayer
Jesus' Prayer For You
Jesus In Jericho
Jesus' Lesson At Jacob's Well
Jesus The Apostle
Jesus, The Man
Jesus The Patriot
Jesus The Sabbath Keeper
Joanna's Discovery
John: Fishers Of Men
Joseph and Nicodemus: Making A Stand
Joshua ben David
Judgment Unto The Son
King Of Salem
Lamb of lambs, King of kings
Lazarus, Come Out!
Lessons In The Pharisee's House
'Let My People Go'
'Let Us'
Looking Up To The Messiah: How And When?
Luke: The World Of The LORD
Lunch With The LORD
Manifestation Of The Truth
Mark: Was It John Mark?
Matthew: The Gospel By The Accountant
Melchizedek: A Portrayal Of Christ
Memories Of A Previous Life
Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation
Miracles At Sea
Miracles Of Jesus Christ
Myrrh For The Messiah
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream Of Christ's Return
Newness Of Life
Nisan 14: The Day That Christ Died
Nisan 14: The Sacrifice Of The Lamb Of God
Nisan 21: The End From The Beginning
On The Right Hand Of God
On The Way To Emmaus
One Is The Loneliest Number
One Like A Son Of Man
'Other' References To Jesus Christ
Parables Of Jesus Christ
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Counting The Cost
Parables Of Jesus Christ: God And Mammon
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Hidden Treasure
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Labourers Of His Vineyard
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Lazarus And The Rich Man
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Leavening Of The Kingdom
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Let Your Light Shine
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Persistent Prayer
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Precious Pearls
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Seeking The Lost
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Separating The Nations
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Signs Of The New Season
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Fig Tree
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Forgiven
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Fruitful Seed
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Good Samaritan
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Great Supper
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Greater Love
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The House Upon A Rock
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Husbandmen
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Lord's Prayer
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Lost Son
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Net
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Nobleman's Return
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Rich Fool
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Self Righteous
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Son's Wedding
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Sower
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Stray Sheep
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Talents
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Vigilant
Parables Of Jesus Christ: The Worthy Servant
Parables Of Jesus Christ: True Obedience
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Watching For The Master
Parables Of Jesus Christ: Weeds In The Wheat
Passover and The Lamb Of God
Passover: The Days From Sacrifice To Resurrection
Paul The Christian
Pentecost: Christ's First Harvest
Perfect In Every Way
Peter's Introduction To The Messiah
Prayer In The Darkness
Prophet, Priest, and King
Psalms: The LORD Is My Shepherd
Rock Of Ages
Root and Branch
Sabbath Healings
Sabbath Teachings And Healings
Salvation Unto All That Obey Him
Seasons Of The Harvest
Sermon On The Mount
Servants Of Christ
Setting The Stages Of Passover
Six Days Before The Passover
Stairway To Heaven
Stand Back Now, Let It Happen
Stilling The Storm
Take Me To Your Leader
Teaching In The Temple
Teaching The Teachers
Teachings From The Northern Coast Of Israel
Temptation In The Wilderness
That thou doest, do quickly
The Adam Family
The Angel Of The Lord
The Anointed One
The Appointed Heir
The Armies Of Heaven At His Command
The Ascension
The Ascent From Bethany
The Believers Of Samaria
The Bread Of His Flesh
The Brightness Of His Coming
The Builder From The Beginning
The By-The-Book Messiah
The Caesar Questions
The Carpenter
The Christ
The Christian Day Of Atonement
The Christian Feast Of Unleavened Bread
The Christian Passover
The Christian Pentecost
The Clouds of Heaven
The Comforter
The Coming Of Truth
The Coming World Dictator
The Conception Of Christ
The Conspirators
The Corn Field Lessons
The Cross Of Christ, Or The Cross Of Men?
The Crucifixion
The Day Of Atonement: Your Reconciliation
The Day Of Christ's Resurrection
The Day That Christ Incinerated Sodom
The Day That The Messiah Was Crucified
'The Day When He Was Taken Up'
The Death Watch
The Delivery Of Your Atonement
The Departure From Nazareth
The Donkey
The Eighth Day Of Salvation
The Eighth Day: Born Again
The Ensign Of Our Father's House
The Faithful Witness From Above
The Farewell Dinner At Bethany
The Fateful Night
The Father's Witness
The Feast Of Trumpets Prophecy
The Feast Of Trumpets: The Return Of The Messiah
The Feeding Of The Five Thousand
The First Act Of Faith
The Firstborn Of Passover
The Firstborn of Salvation
The Flight Into Egypt
The Forerunner Of Man and Of God
The Foundation And Cornerstone
The Foundation Of God's Word
The Fourth Commandment, Part One: Work
The Fourth Commandment, Part Two: Rest
The Fringes Of His Garment
'The God Of The Old Testament'
The Gospel
The Greater and More Perfect Tabernacle
The Head Of The Body
The Healing Of A Soul At The Beautiful Gate
The Healing Of Bartimaeus
The High Priest Of Salem
The House of Martha and Mary
The Human Faces of Christ
The Jewish And Roman Tomb Conspiracy
The King Of The Jews
The King Of The King Of Kings
The King Of Truth
The King Of Zion
The King Who Was Born In A Barn
The Kingdom Of The LORD God
The King's High Priest
The King's Return To Rule
The Kinsfolk Of Jesus Of Nazareth
The Lamb Of God
The Lamb And The Lion Of God
The Last Teachings In The Temple
The Leader Of The Church
The Lessons Of The Loaves And Fishes
The Levites Of Christ
The Living Bread
The LORD And The Two Angels
The LORD Is My Banner
The LORD Of Hosts
The LORD Of Passover
The Lord of The Harvest
The Lord's Seventy
The Logos
The Loneliest Moment
The Lord of Sabaoth
The Many Titles Of Jesus Christ
The Marriage of The Lamb
The Master Builder
The Menorah: Lighting The Way
The Messiah
The Messiah and His Prophet
The Messiah And The Publicans
The Messiah At The Feast Of Tabernacles
The Messiah Of Elelohe-Israel
The Messiah Of Tabernacles
The Messiah's Dominion
The Messiah's Days Of Unleavened Bread
The Messiah's Four Surprising Lessons About Sinners
The Messiah's Instructions After His Resurrection
The Messiah's Law Of Horeb
The Messiah's Mandate
The Messiah's Royal Priesthood
The Messiah's Sabbath Day Resurrection
The Messiah's Storms At Sea
The Messiah's Triumphal Entry Into The Temple
The Messiah's Universe-ity Degree
The Messianic Psalms
The Messianic Role Of Naomi, Ruth And Boaz
The Miracle At Bethesda
The Mountain Of The House Of The LORD
The New Testament Priesthood
The Night He Was Betrayed
The Official Coverup
The 'Old Testament' Messiah
The Old Testament Prophecies Of Christ's Return
The Parable Of The Two Sowers
The Passover 'High Day' Sabbath
The Passover Lamb of God
The Path To Glory
'The people which sat in darkness saw great light'
The People's Representative
The Pinnacle
The Places Where Jesus Lived
The Priest Of God Most High
The Prince of Peace
The Prophet Of Galilee
The Psalm Of Moses
The Resurrection of Eleazar
The Return Of Jesus Christ
The Right Hand Man
The Risen Christ's Observance Of Unleavened Bread
The Rock Of The Church
The Root and The Offspring
The Rule Of The Lamb
The Sacrifice Of Nisan 14
The Saviour And The Scapegoat
The Seed Of David
The Sentence
The Sepulchre Of Christ
The Seventy Of Christ
The Sheep Door
The Shepherd
The Shepherd And Bishop
The Shepherd's Fold
The Slaughter Of The Innocents
The Son Of God
The Son Of Man
The Son Rose As The Sun Set
The Stature of Christ
The Stone Which The Builders Rejected
The Syrian Tongue Of Jesus
The Ten Commandments From Creation
The Testimony Of The Samaritan Woman
The Throne Of David
The Tomb Watchers
The Torturers Of Christ
The Transfiguration
The Treason Of Judas
The Trial of Jesus Christ
The Triumphal Entry
The True Gospel Of Christ
The Trysting Tent
The Two Adams
The Two Advents
The Two Evenings Of The Day
The Two Sabbaths Of Passover Week
The Two Signs Of Christ's Return
The Virgin's Immanuel
The Water and The Blood
The Way To Salvation
The Widows Of The Messiah
The Woman At The Well
The Women In Jesus Christ's Life
The Word Became Flesh
The Word Of God In The Tongues Of Man
The World Of Jesus Christ
The Yoke Of Freedom
They All Knew
They Never Called Him 'Jesus'
Three Days and Three Nights
Through The Veil of The Temple
Thy Kingdom Come - When?
Titles Of Jesus Christ
To Cover
True Witnesses Of The Resurrection
Trumpets: The Prophecy Of The Return Of Jesus Christ
Two Very Different Triumphal Entries
Unleavened Bread For The Risen Christ
Unleavened Bread: Completing The Days Of Judgment
Waiting And Watching
Was Jesus A 'New Testament' Christian?
Was Jesus A Taxpayer?
Was Jesus An Evangelist?
Was Jesus God?
Was Jesus White or Black?
Was Judas Necessary?
Was Paul Among Them?
Washed By The Word
Water Into Wine
Wednesday To Saturday
What Curtain Did The Messiah Open?
What Did The Christ Do Before Passover?
What Did The Messiah Say About Gentiles?
What Did Christ's Cross Really Look Like?
What Did Jesus Christ Teach At Tabernacles?
What Did Jesus Do On The Sabbath?
What Did Jesus Do With Dumb People?
What Did Jesus Look Like?
What Did Jesus Christ Say About Abraham?
What Did Jesus Christ Send Jonah And Paul To Do?
What Did The High Priest Ask The Messiah?
What Did The Messiah Do After His Resurrection?
What Did The Tables Of Stone Look Like?
What Does Jesus Look Like Now?
What Happened In The Days Before Passover?
What Happened When The Messiah Arrived In Heaven?
What Is Jesus Christ Doing Right Now?
What Language Did Jesus Christ Speak?
What Made Jesus Christ Sinless?
What Really Happened During Christ's Passover?
What Shall Be The Sign Of Thy Coming?
What This Woman Hath Done
What's In His Hand?
When The Son Of Man Is Revealed
When Was Lazarus Resurrected?
Where Did Jesus Christ Go?
Where Is A Prophet Without Honor?
Where Is The Messiah's Royal Line?
Where Was Jesus Crucified?
While We Were Yet Sinners
White As Snow
With Me In Paradise
Who Is The LORD?
Who Was That?
Who Was Their Messiah?
Who Was The First Apostle?
Who, What, Where, When, Why?
Why 2 Genealogies For Jesus Christ?
Why A "Lamb Of God"?
Why A Nazarene?
Why Are Christ's Garments White As Snow?
Why Bethlehem, Egypt, Nazareth And Capernaum?
Why Blood?
Why Call Him Immanuel?
Why Did He Do It?
Why Did He Drive Them Out?
Why Did Jesus Christ Choose Aaron?
Why Did Jesus Have Brothers and Sisters?
Why Did Jesus Use Parables?
Why Did The Lawyers Hate The Messiah?
Why Did The Magi Come?
Why Did The Messiah Observe Hanukkah?
Why Did The Messiah Observe Passover On Nisan 14?
Why Did The Sadducees Fear The Messiah?
What Does Word of God Mean To You?
Why Is The Church Called The Body Of Christ?
Why Was It Torn?
Why Was The Messiah A Jew?
Why Was The Messiah Drawn To The Heart Of The Temple?
Why Was Peter Crucified?
Why Wasn't Christ A Levite?
Will You Know Him When You See Him?
Words Of Jesus Christ - 1
Words Of Jesus Christ - 2
Words Of Jesus Christ - 3
Words Of Jesus Christ - 4
Words Of Jesus Christ - 5
Works Means Obedience
Worthy Is The Lamb
Worthy To Take The Book
Written In The Heart Of Our Tabernacles
'Yet Without Sin'


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