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Kings of Israel and Judah

After the death of King Solomon (the son and royal successor of King David), The United Kingdom of Israel split (see The Division Of Israel) into two kingdoms - The Southern Kingdom of "Judah," with their capital remaining at Jerusalem, and The Northern Kingdom of "Israel," with their new capital at Tirzah (see The Kings Of Tirzah) and then later at Samaria (see Baal's Samaria).

The northern kingdom of "Israel" lasted just over 200 years before they were conquered and taken away into exile by the Assyrian Empire (see The Galilee Captivity and Ancient Empires - Assyria). They never returned, and have become known to history as the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" (see The Gathering of Israel and Judah).

The southern kingdom of "Judah" lasted slightly over 300 years (i.e. Judah existed over a century longer than Israel) before they too were conquered and taken into exile, by the Babylonians (see Ancient Empires - Babylon). Unlike the northern kingdom however, a remnant of the southern kingdom was allowed to return and resettle Jerusalem (see Jeremiah's Field) in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah, after the Babylonians were themselves conquered by the Persians under Cyrus the Great (see Ancient Empires - Persia; Persia is now known as Iran). Their descendants are known as the Jews of today (see also The Origin Of The Essenes, Sadducees And Pharisees).

Kings of
Kings of
933 1 Rehoboam 1 Jeroboam I Division after Solomon
915 2 Abijah      
912 3 Asa      
911    2 Nadab   
910    3 Baasha   
887    4 Elah   
886    5 Zimri   
886    6 Omri   
875    7 Ahab   
874 4 Jehoshaphat      
855    8 Ahaziah   
854    9 Joram   
850 5 Jehoram      
843 6 Ahaziah 10 Jehu   
843 7 Athaliah    The only female ruler
843 8 Joash      
820    11 Jehoahaz   
806    12 Joash   
803 9 Amaziah      
790    13 Jeroboam II   
787 10 Uzziah / Azariah      
749 11 Jotham      
748    14 Zachariah   
748    15 Shallum   
748    16 Menahem   
741 12 Ahaz      
738    17 Pekahiah   
738    18 Pekah   
730    19 Hoshea   
726 13 Hezekiah      
721       End of the northern kingdom.
697 14 Manasseh      
641 15 Amon      
639 16 Josiah      
608 17 Shallum / Jehoahaz      
608 18 Jehoiakim      
597 19 Jehoiachin      
597 20 Zedekiah
586       End of the southern kingdom.

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