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Land Of Moab

The land of Moab is located across the Jordan River from Israel, touching the east shore of the Dead Sea, south of the Arnon River which formed the northern border between Moab and Ammon, both of which are today located in the Kingdom of Jordan.

View From Mount Nebo The land of Moab was named after Moab, the son/grandson of Lot (the nephew of Abraham), and his oldest daughter (Genesis 19:30-38) after The Destruction Of Sodom where they had been living. The Ammonites originated from Lot's youngest daughter (Genesis 19:38).

Moab was the scene for many important events in Bible History -

  • Ruth, a descendant of Abraham, and one of the human ancestors of Jesus Christ, through King David, was from Moab (Ruth 1:4)

  • John The Baptist was beheaded by Herod Antipas at Machaerus in Moab.

  • Moses died on Mount Nebo (see Heartbreak Mountain) in Moab (the view from the summit is seen in the photograph above). After the archangel Michael prevented Satan from stealing Moses' body (Jude 9), he was buried at some unknown location there in Moab.

  • At the end of their Wilderness Journey, in the Plains of Moab, opposite Jericho, the Israelites made their last encampment before they entered The Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua (Numbers 22:1, 26:63; Joshua 13:32)

Fact Finder: What was the name of the king of Moab who hired Balaam to put a curse on the advancing Israelites?
Numbers 22:1-4

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