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The Sun Never Sets On Daily Bible Study!

Unlike many Christian teachers who get to actually see the people that they're communicating with, mostly all that I ever see are the two computer screens in front and beside me. But I do know that you are "out there," literally all around the earth, in ever-increasing numbers. At some times of the day, total visitors to Daily Bible Study, which now has over 2,400 web pages available, exceeds 50 visitors per minute.

The graphic below was produced by our server statistics program. It's a "snap shot" of visitors to Daily Bible Study at 7 am (here) some time ago. The green bars represent visitors to the web site (i.e. where on the planet requested pages were being sent to) at that moment in the part of the world directly above the green bar - the taller the bar, the more readers. The graphic constantly changes through the "day" (which now never ends for Daily Bible Study) like a rolling wave across the world's time zones. For example, the tall "spike" shown in North and South America is the Eastern time zone where the day was just beginning at 7 am for most readers there, whereas the bars were lower for the adjacent Central, Mountain and Pacific times zones which were 6, 5, and 4 am - a little later, they too were "spiking."

The graphic is also indicative of the world's religions, readership is high over North and South America, then across Britain and Europe, parts of Africa, and then dropping off in the nations east of Israel (readership is high in Israel), and then rising again in Australia, New Zealand and areas of Indonesia. Readers are found in almost every nation (and now even by satellite to ships at sea), but in some nations much more than others.

Daily Bible Study Around The World
Each day, I hear from readers all over the world (unfortunately, and much to my regret, I am finding it increasingly difficult to personally answer all of the questions - keeping in mind that the author is literally outnumbered thousands to one, and that it usually takes much more time and effort to answer a question than it does to ask one, plus the simple reality that no one has all of the answers), and I must say that the term "foreigner" is becoming increasingly foreign to me. The questions, the comments, about The Bible, are the very same regardless of where they come from. In fact, unless I look at the email address, I often can't tell what nationality the person is - and to be completely honest, I don't care where they are. That's what the Gospel is about - it's the good news for all nations of the coming Kingdom of God, which will have as its citizens everyone who truly turns to the only True God.

We humans have many borders, and there isn't anything necessarily wrong with that, for now. We all have our own homes, our own cultures, our own values, and countries that we love and are loyal to. But human borders should end where the Gospel begins, because the only border that matters to God is the dividing line between those who truly obey Him, and those who don't. The Kingdom of God will not be divided; it will have one Ruler, one Government, one Truth. And, regardless of where "here" is for each of us, there's only one Way to get there.

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