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By The Book - Nehemiah

1. What is the name of the Persian king who permitted Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem? (Nehemiah 2:1) (see Ancient Empires - Persia and Bible History)

The Temple 2. When Nehemiah arrived at Jerusalem, did he find the city still devastated decades after the Babylonian victory? (Nehemiah 2:13, 4:2) (see King Nebuchadnezzar)

3. Did the Jews who set out to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem face opposition and ridicule? (Nehemiah 4:1-2) (see Bible Places and Jerusalem Gates)

4. Did they finish rebuilding the wall? How long did it take them? (Nehemiah 6:15)

5. How many exiles first returned at the time of Nehemiah? (Nehemiah 7:66-67)

6. Did the Jews observe The Feast Of Tabernacles soon after their return? (Nehemiah 8:14-18)

7. Upon their return to Jerusalem, did the people vow never again to stray from God's laws? (Nehemiah 9:37-38) (the reason that the Babylonians were able to take Jerusalem was because God removed His protection from the people who had corrupted themselves - see Why Babylon?)

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