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About The Author

Readers naturally wonder about the origin of the thousands of online studies at Daily Bible Study. Is it sponsored by a particular church group, or denomination? What about the author? Who writes Daily Bible Study every day?

Wayne Blank Although read by numerous and widely-varied churches, educational institutions and individuals around the world, Daily Bible Study is independently written and produced by me. Unless otherwise noted, I am the sole author and source of the studies (see Daily Bible Study) and the online Sermons (see Online Sermons).

I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic, but I have had nothing what-so-ever to do with that organization since the early 1970s, the time that I began basing my Christian beliefs solely upon the Word of God, the Holy Bible. I have never been a member of any other church organization.

My church membership today is that of the Biblical Church of God. According to the Holy Scriptures, "church" actually means the people, the "called out ones," who truly live by the Word of God (see Can You See The Church?). I now strongly disagree with the Church of Rome and any other Christian-professing church organization, Catholic or Protestant, that contradicts the pure Word of God as written in the Holy Scriptures.

I write the studies for those who choose to visit the website and read what is made available. If you are willing to accept what the Bible plainly says, there is a very good chance that you will find Daily Bible Study useful and enjoyable.

Although I earlier used the New International Version (NIV) for about the first year (1998) of this Daily Bible Study and then the Revised Standard Version (RSV, which is based on the American Standard Version) for the studies until December of 2003, I now use the King James Version and (occasionally) the Revised Standard Version for the studies.

Daily Bible Study is written from a worldwide point of view, for a planet-earth readership, as the LORD commanded regarding His Gospel (see The Kingdom Of The LORD God and The Worldwide Church of God).

I was born and raised in Canada, a land of true political and religious freedom, a nation that I love and defend. My family settled over eastern North America, Canadian and U.S. born, in Ontario (I live in southern Ontario, about 100 miles southwest of Toronto, geographically about half way between Detroit, Michigan and Buffalo, New York), Quebec, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Maine. My ancestors were originally from Germany in the 1860s and northern Belgium (Dutch Flanders) in the 1920s.

Just A Road Sign A man in Texas wrote to me not long after I began this online Daily Bible Study and called it a "tell it like it is" ministry, and I would agree with his statement. There is no intent to agree or disagree with, or to offend or to flatter, anyone in anything that is written. I have no "axe to grind" with anyone or any church (unless they have an "axe to grind" against God's Word, the Holy Bible). I do the Biblical research, and then I publish the study based on the research - nothing more, nothing less.

Why is Daily Bible Study produced?

This Daily Bible Study is the fruit of over 40 years of Bible-based Christian study. During that time, I have read the Bible, in its entirety, in many different versions, over 200 times - a practice that I continue every day (it amazes me how so many people who claim to teach and preach the Bible have never actually read it). I have also carefully studied a tremendous amount of material, Christian and secular, pertaining to the many aspects of Christianity - the history, the people, the places, the things, the archaeology, and the prophecy. I say this in humility, as a simple statement of fact to answer those who have asked, not as some sort of boast. Those who are called to teach must first learn.

I produce this website solely to encourage people to read the Bible (see 52-Week Bible Reading Plan), to study the Bible, and especially to believe the Bible. The Word of God is where the absolute Truth will be found, not from anywhere, or anyone, else (see also What Does Word of God Mean To You?).

Like water from a mountain spring, I believe that Christianity is most pure at its source. While there are fine and honorable Christian teachers and ministers here and there around the world, there remains a very fundamental question: Can the word of any human be more right than The Word of God?

Although I honestly believe that what I write is correct, having carefully and painstakingly researched all studies that are published, I make no claim what-so-ever to infallibility. Being a mere sinful human, it's certain that I am wrong in places (no human is infallible, nobody) - hopefully, very few. That's the reality of being human that even the writers of the Bible itself had the honesty and courage to admit.

I can say with certainty that this Daily Bible Study has made a difference in the lives of many people, with the number of readers continuing to increase rapidly. This website is now being used by people all around the earth, and of practically every Christian church and denomination. People whose doctrines differ tremendously on a church to church level very often find agreement in the straight forward Bible-based studies presented here. It's really quite amazing how much understanding can be achieved just by looking, with our own two eyes, a little more closely at The Word of God - and trusting God for the answers.

God willing, I hope to write Daily Bible Study and record our Sermons for many years to come, during which, I believe, we are set to witness some of the most spectacular events in all human history. In these exciting and challenging times, I hope that this Daily Bible Study will serve as a useful and trustworthy "road sign" on your journey along the Way.

Sincerely, your brother in Christ,

Wayne Blank

Daily Bible Study