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By The Book - Ruth

1. Of what nationality was Ruth? (Ruth 1:4) (see Moab)

2. What was the name of Ruth's mother-in-law, the woman who Ruth would not abandon after both women became widows? (Ruth 1:18)

Ruth In Boaz' Field 3. In what town did Ruth and Naomi go to live? (Ruth 1:19)

4. Was Ruth of noble character? (Ruth 3:11)

5. Who did Ruth marry in Bethlehem? (Ruth 4:13)

6. What was the name of Ruth's son? (Ruth 4:13-17)

7. What was the name of Obed's son? (Ruth 4:21)

8. Was King David the great-grandson of Ruth? (Ruth 4:21)

* The Book of Ruth is the story of how Ruth became an ancestor of The Savior. It accounts for how Bethlehem came to be known as "The City of David" and why Jesus Christ was born there - exactly as written in Prophecy.

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