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Layout Of Solomon's Temple

The original Temple of God in Jerusalem was constructed during the reign of King Solomon. Although far greater in size and magnificence, the structure was similar in layout to the small, portable Tabernacle In The Wilderness that it effectively replaced. After 7 years of construction, Solomon's Temple had a life of a little over 360 years, from about 950 to 587 B.C. when God permitted it to be looted and burned by the Babylonians (see Why Babylon? and King Nebuchadnezzar).

A. The Most Holy Place, containing two sculptured cherubim. It was separated from the Holy Place by a curtain (2 Chronicles 3:8-14).

Solomon's Temple B. The Ark Of The Covenant. It contained the tablets of stone that God gave to Moses - The Ten Commandments(1 Kings 8:6-7)

C. The Altar of Incense (1 Kings 7:48-50)

D. The Holy Place (2 Chronicles 3:3-7)

E. Table of Showbread, 5 on the south side, 5 on the north side (2 Chronicles 4:8)

F. Lampstands (see The Menorah), 5 on the south side, 5 on the north (2 Chronicles 4:7)

G. The Porch (1 Kings 6:3)

H. The Pillars (2 Chronicles 3:15-17)

I. The Copper Sea (2 Chronicles 4:4-5)

J. The Sacrificial Altar (2 Chronicles 4:1)

K. The Courtyard (2 Chronicles 4:9-10)

L. Storage Rooms (1 Kings 6:10)

Fact Finder: Where did Solomon get all of the cedar lumber for the Temple?
1 Kings 5:9
See also Cedars Of Lebanon

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