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What's That On The Road, A Head?

The English language has many quirks involving words or combinations of words that sound exactly the same, and that are sometimes even spelled exactly the same, and yet have completely different meanings. Even people who have spoken English all of their lives are still sometimes confounded by a statement that sounds like one thing, when something else was actually said. For example, did you hear me ask in the title, "What's that on the road, a head?" when I actually said, "What's that on the road ahead?"

The Original Hebrew and Greek Holy Scriptures Into English

Holy Bible The Old Testament was written mostly in Hebrew, while the New Testament was written mostly in Greek. For most of us, that means that we must depend upon translations of the Holy Scriptures into a language that we can understand, for example, English (there is nothing more holy about the "thee" and "thou" sort of traditional Biblical terminology found in, for example, the classic King James Version of the Bible - that was merely the everyday "modern English" of 1611 England, when and where the KJV was produced).

In the case of English translations, there is also a matter of added punctuation which did not exist in the original languages. Most often the punctuation isn't a problem, but sometimes the punctuation can be used, deliberately or innocently, to make the actual original Scriptures appear to say something that they never said.

For example, consider the vastly different meaning in these two translated versions of Luke 23:43 (the actual original Greek is also shown) - the translated words are exactly the same, only the placement of the comma is different:

Luke 23:43

Fact Finder: How else can we be sure that in Luke 23:43 Jesus Christ was talking about a future time of Paradise?
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