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When Your Eyes Disagree With The "Experts"

My cell phone stopped working the other day. When I tried to make a call, it gave the error message "Cannot Place Call." When I tried to call it from my regular telephone, I got the message "The customer is not available at this time" - as though my cell phone was shut off, even though it wasn't. The very strange thing about it was that I discovered that the cell phone worked everywhere else I went, everywhere except when I was at home, in the area of the two communications towers that are within sight of my house (although I live in a rural area, almost exactly in between two cities, Brantford and Woodstock, it's my luck that is where the cell phone company erected a tower for that area, right between the two cities that are served by other towers right in those cities; the second tower at that location is for some other purpose, owned by some other company). Since my cell phone worked everywhere else except within the area served by that particular tower, what would you conclude? That the problem was with the tower, not the cell phone? That was my guess.

Cell Tower I reported the problem to the company (a major cable and wireless communications company in this country) by means of their web site, from which I was told that they could detect nothing wrong with their equipment. They said the problem must be with my cell phone. But they couldn't explain why the phone worked everywhere else, except within the area served by that one tower.

Since the person that I contacted from their web site was in a central office somewhere, I then thought to try something more local. I drove to Brantford and explained the problem to a man in their service/sales office there. His answer was the same as the lady from their web site - they could detect nothing wrong with their equipment, that the problem must be with my cell phone, that it must be "losing signal strength in my fringe area" between the two cities (the location is also the reason that they may not have gotten more calls about it - most of their customers for that rural tower are on the 403 freeway; within a few minutes they would be within range of the next tower). He seemed oblivious to the fact that the problem was only evident within sight of the tower near where I lived (with a tower right there, I was hardly in a "fringe" area) and he too suggested that I buy a new cell phone since "fixing failing phones usually costs more than just buying a new one." I told him that I would think about it, and left.

I had then been officially told by 2 experts that what my eyes were actually telling me was wrong, and that their interpretation of the problem was right. Perhaps I'm a little stubborn, but I just couldn't accept that, to deny what my eyes were plainly telling me, regardless of what the experts were so confidently saying.

I then tried a third company office, this time the one in Woodstock, and guess what? The lady there told me, "Oh yes, we just discovered that our system in your area has been out from about the time you noticed it." I was not the only one of their customers who reported it, but apparently just the first; another man also reported it (one of my neighbors) but he just accepted their explanation that the problem must be with his phone, despite his also telling them that he thought the problem was with the tower. He bought a new phone, went home, and guess what? He discovered that his brand-new cell phone didn't work in that area either. It was only then that the company dispatched a technician out to fix what they said wasn't broke. A day later, my cell phone works everywhere again.

Fact Finder: When it comes to the study of the Holy Bible, if your eyes tell you one thing as you read the Word of God, and an "expert" tells you that it isn't so, what should you do?
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