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Damn The Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead

A few days ago (the night of February 2/3 2005) this Daily Bible Study web site was attacked by "hackers" in Brazil who replaced every Daily Bible Study page on the server (which is located in Canada), over 2,900 of them, with a single hacker page that featured an image of a serpent-like winged dragon (does anyone doubt what "serpent" or "dragon" was actually behind the attack?). Until we discovered the attack, for a couple of hours many people who visited Daily Bible Study, regardless of what page they clicked on, were shocked to see that winged-dragon image, rather than the Bible study that they wanted.

Holy Bible

In order to repair the damage, and prevent any further shock from illicit pages to the good people who visit this ministry, technicians took Daily Bible Study offline for nearly 24 hours, which itself was even more distressing to the regular readers of this Daily Bible Study because they thought that we were gone permanently - which we are not. The Satanic hackers may have blown a big hole in the side of this ministry for a day, but we didn't go down, and we aren't going down. The damage was completely repaired, we are as good as new, the exploit that the hackers used to violate the server has been found and removed, and I can assure everyone that it's, to use an old navy term, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

Hackers hide of course, they are denizens of the night, of the darkness, of the underworld. But God knows who they are. They can't hide from Him. There are a number people here today, and many more around the world who are readers of this Daily Bible Study, who wouldn't mind if God struck the hackers down with blindness, not as vengeance, but as a means to make them realize how spiritually blind they are to waste their technical knowledge on worthless, criminal activities that are outright evil. It's a shame what they do to others, but it's just as much of a shame what they are doing to themselves because they are bringing God's sure wrath upon their own heads, especially by attacking the servants of His Gospel. Hopefully, before it's too late, they will open their eyes and stop allowing themselves to be Satan's stooges.

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