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What Would God Say About Gun Control?

Canada now has some of the most supposedly strict "gun control" laws in the world. They are primarily the product of Bible-rejecting Liberal politicians (and they most-surely live up to their "liberal" name - many of them say that Canada is a "secular nation," even though documents of Canada's Constitution state that "Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God" and that our Head of State is in office "by the Grace of God" as the "Defender of the Faith"), most members of which have never been gun owners but whose perception of guns come from either "shoot 'em up" fiction movies or isolated, highly-publicized crimes that have occurred - one of the most horrendous and tragic of which was the so-called "Montreal Massacre" in 1989 in which a young man with a hatred (keep that word in mind, hatred) for women shot and killed fourteen female engineering students at the L'Ecole Polytechnic, University of Montreal, before shooting himself. It was a crime that shocked this country, a horror that made it possible for the Liberals to get their long-before planned "gun control" legislation through.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police At the time, even many people who believed that the money would be far better spent on more police and better equipment for them to do their job rather than things like the gun registry (a political farce that has already cost Canadian taxpayers a billion dollars - while everyone admits that criminals won't go to their local police station and register their guns) supported more "gun control."

The tragic problem with the gun control laws, that so many Liberals (and "liberals") seem oblivious to, is that the man who committed the Montreal Massacre would not have been stopped by the laws that were enacted afterward with him specifically in mind (are you shaking your head in amazement yet?). Marc Lapine (his father, a man named Gharbi, was a Muslim immigrant from Algeria, his mother was a French-Canadian - when they separated, Marc took his mother's family name, Lapine), the man who became the poster boy for "more gun control in this country" could still legally buy a rifle and do it all over again today because he had no criminal record and nothing obvious in his situation that would have barred him from getting a firearms license to buy as many guns as he wanted, the same as everyone else.

The mountain of money spent on the "gun control" illusion after what Lapine did would not have prevented it from happening - whereas, for example, a single armed, militarily-competent staff security officer at that college would have prevented, or at least stopped it long before fourteen innocent young women were murdered. Lapine's shooting spree went on for 45 minutes before police were called and arrived. When he saw that police were there, he only then stopped killing others and killed himself - he otherwise would have kept on roaming the university, killing every female student that he found. A righteous "gunman," a security guard, would have saved many of those young women's lives, just as the arrival of righteous "gunmen," the police, did save other young women's lives.

Another tragic and horrendous failure of "gun control" in Canada occurred in the past week (March 2005) in which four Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers were ambushed by a man in Alberta (the photo above shows the RCMP procession, a sea of Mounties in their red-dress uniforms, some on horseback, at the memorial service for their murdered fellow officers - over 10,000 police officers from across Canada and the United States attended). Unlike Marc Lapine, the man who committed those murders did have a criminal record, a very lengthy one including time spent in penitentiary. He was known to the people in the area where he lived as a very unstable, violent man, "filled with hate" (there's that word again, hate) - and yet he owned guns, legal and/or illegal (another reason that the "gun control" laws don't work is because of the traffic in illegal, unregistered weapons that criminals will sell to anyone who has the money). He murdered those four "Mounties" and tried to kill two more (who returned fire in time, wounding the man, who then, like Lapine, shot himself) with weapons that he owned despite Canada's very strict "gun control" laws that are supposed to keep guns out of the hands of that sort of people.

Canada's "gun control" laws didn't prevent the murder of those four police officers, but some of the money that has been so foolishly and naively wasted on just the gun registry alone could otherwise have saved their lives by better equipping them (and more of them) to deal with the sorts of people who commit those sorts of crimes - the criminals who do not, and will never, obey the Liberal's well-meaning but hopelessly useless "gun control" laws.

What Would God Say About "Gun Control"?

Anyone who has murder on their mind doesn't need a gun to do it. It wasn't a gun that killed Abel, it was the hate (there's that word again - what does that tell us about what needs to be controlled?) in the mind of Cain. The weapon (almost anything can be used as a deadly weapon) is secondary to the hate that makes someone want to commit murder.

Jack the Ripper didn't use a gun to kill all of those people in London. The Boston Strangler didn't use a gun to kill all of those people in Massachusetts. Timothy McVeigh didn't use a gun to kill all of those people in Oklahoma City. The 9-11 terrorists didn't use guns to either hijack those airliners or to murder all of the people that they did in New York and Washington. None of them had guns, but all of them were filled-to-overflowing with hate.

The Holy Bible doesn't say anything about gun control because it would then also have to address knife control, baseball bat control, crowbar control and on and on - thousands of things that were designed and intended for peaceful, legitimate uses but which are misused by those who do evil. It all comes under the heading of hate control because hate is the problem. No one who loves their fellow man will harm their fellow man.

Where does hate come from? Where does the "spirit of murder" come from? Who did Jesus Christ identify as the instigator of those who want to commit murder?

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him." (John 8:44 KJV)

As amazing as it may seem to many people, Satan is "the god of this world," Satan is the spirit of hate that fills so many people's hearts.

"the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them." (2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV)

The good news is that Satan's days are numbered. The era of hate is going to end and the world is, at last, going be a perfectly safe place for everyone, everywhere. See the Fact Finder question below.

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