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House Of

Beth is the English transliteration (writing a word in one language based on how is sounds when spoken in another language) of the Hebrew word (pronounced) bah-yeth which generally means a house, or a dwelling place. Many Bible Places in Israel have had "house of" (i.e. beth) in their name, for numerous reasons.


Some examples of "beth," meaning house of, in Biblical place names:

Bethany, meaning house of dates, was located on a slope of The Mount Of Olives. It was the home of Lazarus, and his sisters Martha and Mary.

Bethlehem Bethaven, meaning house of vain things, was the name given to Bethel (see below) after King Jeroboam of Israel (see Kings of Israel and Judah) reduced it to a place of idol worship.

Bethel, meaning house of God, was a place of encampment for Abraham when he first arrived from his birthplace in Mesopotamia (today, Iraq), and was the place where Jacob had his famous "stairway to heaven" dream while on his journey to live with Laban (see Jacob and Laban).

Bethesda, meaning house of grace, was a spring-fed pool in Jerusalem where the waters were believed to have healing powers. Jesus Christ healed a man of Palsy there.

Bethlehem in Judah (seen in the photograph), meaning house of bread, was the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Bethphage, meaning house of unripe figs, was a village on the Mount of Olives. It was from Bethphage that Jesus Christ obtained the colt that was used for His triumphal entry into Jerusalem just prior to His crucifixion.

Bethsaida, meaning house of fishing, was, as its name indicates, a fishing village. It was located on the shore of The Sea Of Galilee. The people there knew Jesus Christ, but many of them rejected Him - something that they are yet to regret (see Bethsaida and Chorazin)

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