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Psalm 106-108

Supplemental notes for the Daily Bible Study Bible Reading Plan

by Wayne Blank

Psalm Chapter 106

Much of Bible History involves a physical nation, Israel, that was created from and by "foreign" people (e.g. Abraham was born in Iraq from Iraqi people; Rachel, Rebekah and Leah were born in Syria/Iraq from Syrian people; Ruth was born in Jordan to Jordanian people; Ephraim and Manasseh were born in Egypt to an Egyptian mother etc.). By the nature of its creation, physical Israel was and is a deliberate portrayal of how anyone can become God's "chosen people" if and when they truly live according to His way (see Physical and Spiritual Israel). Genuine Zionism isn't about those who deny Jesus Christ as The Messiah, but about anyone who accepts and obeys Him.


"Praise The Lord! O give thanks to The Lord [see YHVH, Adonai, Jehovah, LORD], for He is good; for His steadfast love endures for ever! Who can utter the mighty doings of The Lord, or show forth all His praise? Blessed are they who observe justice, who do righteousness at all times! Remember me, O Lord, when Thou showest favor to Thy people; help me when Thou deliverest them; that I may see the prosperity of Thy chosen ones, that I may rejoice in the gladness of Thy nation, that I may glory with Thy heritage.

Both we and our fathers have sinned; we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly. Our fathers, when they were in Egypt, did not consider Thy wonderful works; they did not remember the abundance of Thy steadfast love, but rebelled against the Most High [see The God Of The Old Testament] at the Red Sea. Yet He saved them for His name's sake, that He might make known His mighty power. He rebuked the Red Sea, and it became dry; and He led them through the deep as through a desert. So He saved them from the hand of the foe, and delivered them from the power of the enemy. And the waters covered their adversaries; not one of them was left. Then they believed His words; they sang His praise.

But they soon forgot His Works; they did not wait for His counsel. But they had a wanton craving in the wilderness, and put God to the test in the desert; He gave them what they asked, but sent a wasting disease among them.

When men in the camp were jealous of Moses and Aaron, the holy one of The Lord, the earth opened and swallowed up Dathan, and covered the company of Abiram. Fire also broke out in their company; the flame burned up the wicked. They made a calf in Horeb and worshiped a molten image [see The Golden Calf]. They exchanged the glory of God for the image of an ox that eats grass. They forgot God, their Savior, who had done great things in Egypt, wondrous works in the land of Ham, and terrible things by the Red Sea. Therefore He said He would destroy them - had not Moses, His chosen one, stood in the breach before him, to turn away His wrath from destroying them.

Then they despised the pleasant land, having no faith in His promise. They murmured in their tents, and did not obey the voice of The Lord. Therefore He raised His hand and swore to them that He would make them fall in the wilderness [see A Journey Without A Destination], and would disperse their descendants among the nations, scattering them over the lands.

Then they attached themselves to the Baal of Peor [see Baal-zebub and Beelzebub], and ate sacrifices offered to the dead [see Familiar Spirits]; they provoked The Lord to anger with their doings, and a plague broke out among them. Then Phinehas stood up and interposed, and the plague was stayed. And that has been reckoned to him as righteousness from generation to generation for ever.

They angered him at the waters of Meribah, and it went ill with Moses on their account [see Why Did Christ Put Moses To Death?]; for they made His spirit bitter, and He spoke words that were rash. They did not destroy the peoples, as The Lord commanded them, but they mingled with the nations and learned to do as they did. They served their idols, which became a snare to them. They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; and the land was polluted with blood. Thus they became unclean by their acts, and played the harlot in their doings.

Then the anger of The Lord was kindled against His people, and He abhorred His heritage; He gave them into the hand of the nations [see The Galilee Captivity and Why Babylon?], so that those who hated them ruled over them. Their enemies oppressed them, and they were brought into subjection under their power. Many times He delivered them, but they were rebellious in their purposes, and were brought low through their iniquity.

Nevertheless He regarded their distress, when He heard their cry. He remembered for their sake His covenant [see Why A New Covenant?], and relented according to the abundance of His steadfast love. He caused them to be pitied by all those who held them captive. Save us, O Lord our God, and gather us from among the nations, that we may give thanks to Thy Holy Name and glory in Thy praise.

Blessed be The Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting! And let all the people say, "Amen!" Praise The Lord!" (Psalm 106:1-48 RSV)

Psalm Chapter 107

"He led them by a straight way, till they reached a city to dwell in" this Psalm is a prophetic analogy of Christian Living (see The City To Come).


"O give thanks to The Lord [see The Ancient of Days], for He is good; for His steadfast love endures for ever! Let the redeemed of The Lord say so, whom He has redeemed from trouble and gathered in from the lands, from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south.

Some wandered in desert wastes [see Spiritual Wastelands], finding no way to a city to dwell in; hungry and thirsty, their soul [see Where Is Your Soul?] fainted within them. Then they cried to The Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress; He led them by a straight way, till they reached a city to dwell in. Let them thank The Lord for His steadfast love, for His wonderful works to the sons of men! For He satisfies him who is thirsty [see Living Waters], and the hungry He fills with good things.

Some sat in Darkness and in gloom, prisoners in affliction and in irons, for they had rebelled against the words of God, and spurned the counsel of the Most High. Their hearts were bowed down with hard labor; they fell down, with none to help. Then they cried to The Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress; He brought them out of darkness and gloom, and broke their bonds asunder. Let them thank The Lord for His steadfast love, for His wonderful works to the sons of men! For He shatters the doors of bronze, and cuts in two the bars of iron [see Through The Gates Of Hell].

Some were sick through their sinful ways, and because of their iniquities suffered affliction; they loathed any kind of food, and they drew near to the gates of death [see What Happens When You Die?]. Then they cried to The Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress; He sent forth His word, and healed them, and delivered them from destruction. Let them thank The Lord for His steadfast love, for His wonderful works to the sons of men! And let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, and tell of His deeds in songs of joy!

Some went down to the sea in ships, doing business on the great waters [see Coasting]; they saw the deeds of The Lord, His wondrous works in the deep. For He commanded, and raised the stormy wind, which lifted up the waves of the sea. They mounted up to heaven, they went down to the depths; their courage melted away in their evil plight; they reeled and staggered like drunken men, and were at their wits' end. Then they cried to The Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress; He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad because they had quiet, and He brought them to their desired haven. Let them thank The Lord for His steadfast love, for His wonderful works to the sons of men! Let them extol him in the congregation of the people, and praise him in the assembly of the elders.

He turns rivers into a desert, springs of water into thirsty ground, a fruitful land into a salty waste, because of the wickedness of its inhabitants. He turns a desert into pools of water, a parched land into springs of water. And there He lets the hungry dwell, and they establish a city to live in; they sow fields, and plant vineyards, and get a fruitful yield. By His blessing they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease [see Swords Into Plowshares].

When they are diminished and brought low through oppression, trouble, and sorrow, He pours contempt upon princes and makes them wander in trackless wastes; but He raises up the needy out of affliction [see No Pain, No Gain], and makes their families like flocks. The upright see it and are glad; and all wickedness stops its mouth.

Whoever is wise [see God's Wisdom], let him give heed to these things; let men consider the steadfast love of The Lord." (Psalm 107:1-42 RSV)

Psalm Chapter 108

"I will awake the dawn!" also speaks of how the true light is coming (see Awaken To The Light).


"A Song. A Psalm of David.

My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast! [see A Pure Heart] I will sing and make melody! Awake, my soul! Awake, O harp and Lyre! I will awake the dawn! I will give thanks to Thee, O Lord, among the peoples, I will sing praises to Thee among the nations. For Thy steadfast love is great above the heavens, Thy faithfulness reaches to the clouds [see Heavens Below, Heavens Above]. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens! Let Thy glory be over all the earth!

That Thy beloved may be delivered, give help by Thy right hand, and answer me! God has promised in His sanctuary: "With exultation I will divide up Shechem, and portion out the Vale of Succoth. Gilead is mine; Manasseh is mine; Ephraim is my helmet; Judah my scepter [see The Gathering of Israel and Judah]. Moab is my washbasin; upon Edom I cast my shoe; over Philistia I shout in triumph."

Who will bring me to the fortified city? [see Bulwarks Of The Truth] Who will lead me to Edom? Hast Thou not rejected us, O God? Thou dost not go forth, O God, with our armies. O grant us help against the foe, for vain is the help of man! With God we shall do valiantly; it is He who will tread down our foes." (Psalm 108:1-13 RSV)

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